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As from 18 July 2009, the costs claimed by knackers for the removal and elimination of livestock carcasses are no longer subsidised, nor paid by the State.

Bearing this in mind, all animal sectors were invited to group together into so-called ATM associations (Animaux Trouvés Morts - animals found dead) in order to collectively negotiate the rates applied by the knackers, to collect subscriptions and to directly pay the latter on behalf of dead-animal owners.

An equine division of said institution was thus set up: “ATM Equidés - ANGEE”.
Made up of many bodies from the equine sector, the aim of “ATM Equidés - ANGEE” is to contribute to the financing and the organisation of horses to be destroyed.

During its Annual General Meeting on 12 June 2009, ANGEE signed an agreement with the French National Stud Institution [Haras Nationaux] entrusting the latter management of a centralised livestock disposal department for the convenience of horse-owners.  This logical collaboration with the National Stud Institution, the latter being in charge of the Central Equine Register, resulted in the creation of a centralised online system as of July 2009, enabling horse-owners to pay a subscription for their horse(s) or to declare a dead animal.

The rates for removing and destroying carcasses have been negotiated by “ATM Equidés - ANGEE” (in line with the other animal sectors), proposing various means for financing knackers’ costs to horse-owners.

Rates based on geographical situation

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Source : ATM Equidés - ANGEE


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