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Ardenne Heavy Horse

The Region is the homeground of the Ardenne Heavy Horse.  This breed belongs to local heritage.  Thought to be a descendant of the “Solutré Horse” (Equus caballus germanicus or “Forest Horse”), the Ardenne Heavy Horse is one of the oldest breeds of cart horse in France.  From Roman times up to the 19th Century, this breed was essentially used during battle and in farming.  With the instauration of grants for endangered breeds and the use of the horse for leisure activities, notably horse-drawn vehicles, the Ardenne Heavy Horse has stated to redevelop once again for the pleasure of all.  Stocky and compact with short stumpy legs, good-natured and docile, it is still used for work on the land (hay-making, wine-growing, superficial jobs, tree-felling, etc.).  Today, it has been adapted to a wide range of usages, whether in built-up areas (transport of persons, maintenance and cleaning, etc.), in riding schools (carriage-driving lessons, work around the stables, etc.), or in the forest (tree-felling, etc.).




Regional Federation of Ardenne Heavy-Horse Breeders, Drivers and Users

This association is the unison of 3 Ardenne Heavy-Horse county societies.  Its aim is to develop and promote the Ardenne Heavy Horse and to introduce breeders to the techniques of carriage driving.

For more information, visit the Ardenne Heavy-Horse Breed Association Website.

Data relevant to Heavy-Horse Breeding in Champagne-Ardenne

  • Number of breeders: 145 in 2010
  • Number of broodmares covered: 511 in 2010

The Villiers-sur-Suize village council proudly innovates the use of the Ardenne Heavy Horse in Champagne-Ardenne for odd-jobs around the village.


Since 2009, several towns have reintroduced the Ardenne Heavy Horse for waste collection purposes, this being the case for several districts of the urban area of Troyes.  The Heavy Horse is also used for tilling the land in the Champagne vineyards.


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