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Sport and Leisure

Sport and Leisure

The first link within the sport and leisure chain is without doubt the breeder.

Sport horse and pony breeding criteria generally include the ability to jump.  Petite in size, though grand in quality, sport horses bred in the Champagne-Ardenne region have nothing to envy from well-known breeding lands.  According to national statistics, Champagne-Ardenne ranks 4th in terms of genetic quality with regard to broodmares producing offspring for sport.  Moreover, for several years now, Champagne-Ardenne is among the top regions at the Grand Breed Week in Fontainebleau (show-jumping).  This indicator, based on the number of horses entered in relation to the number of offspring born, is an excellent means for illustrating the breed quality of a particular region.  Each year, Champagne-Ardenne vies for the podium along with the renowned breeding lands of Normandy and the Vendee.


 Participation by a horse bred in Champagne-Ardenne in each of the Olympic Games is also an illustration of this undeniable quality.  EXPO DU MOULIN is indeed an excellent example of Champagne-Ardenne breeding, being European Vice Team Champion in 3-Day Eventing.  ITOT DU CHATEAU is also a worthy ambassador of the region, having participated in the 2008 Peking Olympic Games in show-jumping under Australian colours.  Coming 10th overall, he is the best-ranked French horse to be qualified

Champagne-Ardenne is also proud to see many of its riders successful each year in local, national and international competitions.

Show-jumping is perhaps the most popular equestrian sport in Champagne-Ardenne, followed by dressage and 3-day eventing.  Other equestrian sports are also coming to the forefront, notably driving, TREC and even Pony Games for the young.

For several years now, Champagne-Ardenne has been hosting an international show-jumping event for young riders and juniors.

In 2007, Sophia MARILLER became French Junior Champion and Bronze medallist at the European Show-Jumping Championships.

In 2005, Alexandra FRANCART was part of the winning team at the Zagreb & Bratislava CSIO**** Nations Cup.

A.R.D.C.P.: Association Régionale de Développement du Cheval et du Poney (Regional Association for the Development of the Horse and Pony)

This Association reunites all sport and leisure horse & pony breeders.  Its aim is:

  • to assist breeders in improving, developing, showing and selling locally-bred horses and ponies.
  • to promote sport and leisure horse & pony breeding.

For more information, visit the l'ARDCP Website.

C.R.E.: Comité Régional d’Equitation (Regional Equestrian Committee)

This is an entity of the French Equestrian Federation (FFE).  It reunites riding schools and official competition organisers.  Its aim is to develop and to promote horse-riding at local level and to arrange the competition schedule.

All equestrian sports are represented: show-jumping, dressage, hunter, driving, trekking, 3-day eventing, etc.

For more information, visit the Comité Régional d'Equitation website.

Regional data (2009)

Number of leisure and sport horse Breeders: 335

Number of broodmares covered (sport and leisure horses & ponies): 697

Number of equestrian centres: 157 riding schools and/or organisers of equestrian events + 30 non-member livery stables

The number of Federation members (licence holders) has increased by 34% in 5 years, passing from 10,423 members in 2004 to 13,983 members in 2009 (15,111 in 2011).  The penetration level of equestrian sports amounts to 11.10 riders for 1,000 inhabitants in Champagne-Ardenne, which is above the national average at 10.5 riders per 1,000 inhabitants.

Of these Federation members, 2,139 riders with a competition licence partook in 190 show-jumping events in 2010.

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