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As of 29 July 2003, when the Minister of Budget, the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Sports jointly announced the establishment of a new policy for the horse, the equine sector became a fully-fledged part of the French economy.

Faced with the growing challenges of local development related to the horse, regional politicians soon became aware of the need to be seriously represented by the various socio-professionals at regional level, which was quickly understood by all.  Hence, in answer to the recommendations from public institutions, their suggestion for an Equine Council was adopted.

The Equine Council of Champagne-Ardenne (CCCA) was instituted due, on the one hand, to the desires of sector professionals to organise themselves at regional level and, on the other, to the necessity to have regional policies handled by a single representative body.

As of its creation, the CCCA started preparing the first contract for the equine sector, signed in August 2006 with the Regional Council and the State for a 3-year period (2006-2008).

After four years of activity, the Equine Council of Champagne-Ardenne has now positioned itself as the regional reference for the equine sector, thereby stimulating collective and integrated dynamism and serving as interface between professionals and institutional partners.

Hence, this unified equine sector now offers public institutions a single representative body, capable of proposing a development scheme based on legitimate and coherent projects, with a long-term outlook and return on investment.

In an effort to optimise the economic, social and district planning policies, County Councils and Public Amenity Services backed the establishment of the association, participating in funding the actions proposed.  Such public finances have enabled the equine sector to significantly develop.

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