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Economic Research Institute


Why a Regional Equine Economic Research Institute?

Understanding the sector at regional level is one of the primary missions of the Equine Council; hence, the necessity to have precise and updated information concerning the region’s equine sector.  Quantifying and qualifying the equine sector using economic, social or even environmental data corresponds to a requirement imposed by the Government for the purpose of evaluating the overall impact of the equine sector on the economy and of analysing the effects of equine activities across the regions.

To date, data regarding the horse is :

  • abundant and dispersed among the various bodies involved with the horse, whether locally or nationwide,
  • incomplete on a regional front, and even more so locally,
  • lacking in certain areas,
  • often incoherent from one region to another (i.e. due to different means of collection), thereby preventing any reliable nationwide comparison,
  • of little use in terms of monitoring the socio-economic evolutions over time.


What is a Regional Equine Economic Research Institute?

The idea behind a Regional Equine Economic Research Institute consists of selecting certain criteria, complementary to that of the Economic Research Institute of the French National Stud Institution, in order to provide annual updates for the purpose of monitoring evolutions within the regional equine sector.  Such Economic Research Institute should enable :

  • establishment of an annual report, summarising the structures and activities of the equine sector in region, as of June n+1 for a given year “n” ;
  • establishment of a comprehensive tri-annual report, comprising an update of the economic and social situation, as well as evaluation of the impact of activities nationwide ;
  • to feed the national database with information collected in each region ;
  • to feed the regional database with information collected nationwide.


2010 : rekindling of the Regional Equine Economic Research Institute (OER)


In 2010, the OER system was renewed in order to obtain an “economic” image of the equine sectors in Champagne-Ardenne, whereupon telesurveys were conducted in order to improve the efficiency of results.  8 divisions were questioned: breeders, riding schools, horse-racing societies, trainers, veterinarians, farriers, suppliers and riders-cum-dealers.  Surveys were not processed on an individual basis, but rather on a regional scale.

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