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Equine sector contract


The aim of the equine-sector contract in Champagne-Ardenne is to record the action programmes undertaken for the benefit of the sector’s socio-professionals in the long-term, thereby ensuring solid regional coherence.
Hence, via this contract, the equine sector in Champagne-Ardenne should undergo restructuring and be reinforced with a medium-term strategic outlook (2009-2013) as regards the actions to be implemented and the necessary financial means.

2009-2013 Equine-Sector Contract

The second equine-sector contract was signed on Friday, 15 January 2010 at the Region’s Head Office in Châlons-en-Champagne.

4 major stakes were defined, namely:

Stake 1: to promote the equine sector

Stake 2: to enhance economic development in the sector

Stake 3: to professionalise the sector and offer more diverse training schemes

Stake 4: to improve sector organisation and its structure

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2006-2008 Equine-Sector Contract Report

To download the 2006-2008 Equine-Sector Contract, click here

To download the 2006-2008 Equine-Sector Contract Report, click here

After the fourth year of activity, the Equine Council of Champagne-Ardenne had positioned itself as regional reference for the equine sector, thereby stimulating collective and integrated dynamism and serving as interface between professionals and the institutional partners. 

Hence, this unified equine sector now offers public institutions a single representative body, capable of proposing a development scheme based on legitimate and coherent projects, with a long-term outlook and return on investment.

In an effort to optimise the economic, social and district planning policies, County Councils and Public Amenity Services backed the establishment of the association and have participated in financing the actions proposed.

The public funding granted has enabled significant development of the equine sector.  With the help of grants awarded over the 2006-2008 period, various actions have boosted development across the equine sector in Champagne-Ardenne. 

Hence, a positive report can be made on the regional economy :   
breeders : 536 in 2010 (OER 2010 data) and 665 according to ECUS 2010 data

broodmares : 1490 in 2010 (1470 in 2005)

federation members : 15 111 in 2011 (an increase of 55% since 2001)
riding schools : 167 in 2010 (39 more than in 2005)

Beyond these figures, a true economic sector is now emerging, confirmation of which being illustrated through the results colleced by the Regional Equine Economic Research Institute (OER).

This first sector contract has provided a certain impetus to the equine sector in the region; nevertheless, it is important to pursue the works already initiated and to develop certain sectors, notably the breeding of sport and race horses.


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